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Tentative agenda for the August 19th Socialist Party of North Carolina Statewide meeting.

I. Opening remarks by SP North Carolina State Chair, Melvin Little

II. Introductions of members & guests

III. Key Note Speaker: Greg Pason, SPUSA National Secretary & New Jersey Socialist Candidate for the US Senate

IV. Discussion of localizing the struggle against globalization (Guest Speaker: Robert Seaborne)

V. Activity Report

a. New bank account report by SP North Carolina Secretary Treasurer, Chris Johnson

b. McReynolds/Hollis 2000 write-in campaign by SP North Carolina SEC member, Vernon Kelley

c. Spanish translation of SPUSA pamphlets by Vernon Kelley

d. Farmerís Day Report by Mary Ann Pollard

e. Report of Death Penalty Activities in Raleigh by Jimmy Harkin

f. Death Penalty Report for Onlsow County, by Jamie Pattengale

g. Website update by Vice-Chair Jason Prescott

VI. Q&A Session for new members and guests about the SPUSA and SP North Carolina

VII. New Business

a. Statement of Principals presented for adoption by John Marhoul & Vice Chair Jason Prescott

b. Death Penalty Resolution presented for adoption by Mary Ann Pollard

VIII. SPUSA National Committee report by Katherine Nicewander

IX. Local Charter Request for Coastal North Carolina by Vernon Kelley

X. Committee Formation

a. SP North Carolina Newsletter

(1) Title for Newsletter

(2) Editorial Committee Formation

b. Fundraising

c. McReynold/Hollis Campaign Committee

d. Death Penalty Action Committee

e. Open Discussion/Formation of other prospective committees

Meeting Adjourned. Members invited to dinner and conversation!

Suggestions for additions and/or changes in this agenda are encouraged and should be submitted to Katherine Nicewander via email ( or by phone (910) 989-0417, NLT 15 August 2000.