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ˇMay Day Celebration!

What: Socialist Party of North Carolina's May Day celebration/meeting.
Who: Anyone interested, especially the SPNC members.
When: 2:00, Saturday, April 29, 2000.
Where: Chris Johnson's house. (Directios) Take 40 into Raleigh and get off at the Farmer’s Market Exit (if you are going East on 40, take a Right off the exit ramp - if you are going West, take a Left off the exit ramp and you should be driving away from the Farmer’s Market). Go past the “Grocery Boy, Jr.” and take a Right onto “Sierra.” Travel approximately (1) mile until you see “Goshawk” and take a Right. Travel down Goshawk until you see “Hoot Owl Court.” Chris’ house will be the 2d one on the Left (on a hill). The address is: 2305 Hoot Owl Court. If you get lost, feel free to call Chris at (919) 833-1133, and he will be happy to “guide you in!”
If you would like a visual aid, Click Here for a meager online map. If you have a better map that is on the internet, please email the webmaster.
If you would like a downloadable version of this (above and below)

I. Opening remarks by SP North Carolina State Chair, Melvin Little

II. Introductions

III. Update on the McReynolds/Hollis 2000 Campaign and Petition Drive, report from SEC member, Vernon F. Kelley.

IV. Report on YPSL organizing in the Charlotte area by SP North Carolina Vice Chair, Jason Prescott.

• Death Penalty report by SEC member, Jimmy Harkin.

• Bank account update by SP North Carolina Secretary/Treasurer, Chris Johnson.

• Featured Speaker, Brian Towey, the Libertarian Candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives. Mr. Towey will speak on the topic of strategic alliance between minor parties on ballot access reforms in North Carolina.

• Other related business
a. Reaching out to the broader progressive community
b. Publicity for the Socialist Party, USA
c. Building sub-locals throughout the state
d. Feedback and input from any of the SEC members to add to the agenda.

a. Food
b. Political conversation
c. Festivities

SP North Carolina Statewide Officers:
State Chair, Melvin Little
State Vice Chair, Jason Prescott
Secretary Treasurer, Chris Johnson
“Tarheel Socialist” Editor, Ken Meyers

SEC Members: Vernon Kelley, Katherine Nicewander, John Marhoul, Jennifer Lilley, James Robinson, Stacy Thedford, Thomas Hefner, Jimmy Harkin, Chris Johnson, Ken Meyers

If you would like a downloadable version of this Click Here. The file is in .doc format.

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