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Statement Of Priciples

The Socialist Party of North Carolina exists to promote the evolution of our society into one in which democracy is pervasive.

Democracy should not only be present every two years at the ballot box, but also at the place of our employment, education, and at the throttle of production. It is only by complete democracy that we all can be free.

One moral obligation of democracy is to protect the freedoms and rights of the powerless from the powerful. To that end, the civil liberties and rights of all people, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, age, or disability, must be protected.

It is our obligation, as equal members of this earth, to work toward and bring about socialism in our time. Either working alone or working with other progressive organizations, we shall obtain justice for all. Yes, we ARE our brothers and sisters’ keepers. We are all one together, inseparable, determined.

Universal health care, the right to collective bargaining, public ownership of common-use utilities, promotion of ecologically friendly technologies, the end of the barbaric death penalty, quality public education for ALL, these are our goals, and the birthright of all humanity.

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